Check For Sound System Troubles So A Nightclub DJ Can Hype The Crowd

Posted on: 11 November 2018

Nightclubs are all about dancing and having fun. Many assume the free flow of drinks creates the festive atmosphere. To a degree, they do. Don't overlook the awesome impact music pumping through the speaker system has on crowds. Music puts people in the proper festive mood. Club owners surely want the party-goers to enjoy themselves, so they come back weekend after weekend. A robust nightclub sound system ensures music sounds excellent. Improved nightclub sound systems also help the DJ when he/she addresses the audience as well. Lending the DJ support might prove valuable to the club's success.

Let the Crowd Hear the DJ

Club-goers don't hit the dance floor to hear a constant stream of dialogue from a DJ. The primary purpose of the DJ centers on "spinning disks" and playing music. However, at perfectly timed intervals, a savvy DJ knows when to speak to hype the crowd. The DJ relies on a powerful nightclub sound system to support his/her commentary role. Here are some factors to weigh on the mind when determining if the sound system truly helps the DJ:

  • The crowd acknowledges the DJ: "Raise your hands in the air if you hear me!" is a common refrain DJs use to hype the crowd. When the DJ says something along these lines, does the crowd respond? Is the crowd reacting quickly or is there some delay? When the crowd grooves with the music and is not overall bored with the evening, people should react to the DJ's musings. They won't, however, if they can't clearly hear him/her.
  • The DJ blends well with the music: The DJ's comments shouldn't come at outrageously different pitches or tones. The DJ's voice and the music must remain separate and avoid drowning each other out. The two should blend well with "in and out" segues between music and dialogue. Problems in the sound system could undermine even the best professional mixer.

Upon noticing any audio or acoustic problems, club owners would benefit from requesting the DJ do a private performance during the day. Without the distractions of the crowd, the club's management may be able to pinpoint problems. Is human error or an issue with the sound system at fault?

Make Minor Adjustments

Worries over audio problems may lead club owners to fear a complete sound system replacement is unavoidable. A proper inspection of the issues may reveal the system requires a minor fix. Maybe replacing a speaker here and there or upgrading other components does the job. Improving the sound system then allows the DJ to do his/her job the right way.